You’re Prayers Are Killing Us— The GOP’s Answer to Gun Control

The Soulless whores of the Republican party McConnell and Ryan will do anything for the NRA.


From the President on down through the ranks, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and virtually all of the congressional Republicans, their answer to repeated serial killings and mass murder is, “I’ll pray for those poor people.”

These elected officials, representatives and senators who have sworn to protect the citizenry, don’t.  The best they can do is pray.  They too must answer to a higher power and it is not Hebrew National!  When you’re a whore you must answer to your pimp.  The NRA keeps quite an illustrious stable at their beck-and-call—the entire serving GOP.   It is a mighty expensive endeavor clothing these overweight, balding middle-aged white men in the latest of Frederick’s of Hollywood fashions.  But pay-up they gladly do because it is a business.  The transactions are simple and straightforward: either money for influence, or common bribery.  Illegal?  Apparently not.  

The NRA is a killer lobby—literally.  They take untold amounts from the gun manufacturers and divvy up this blood money to each of their prostitutes in Congress.  The amount each receives depends on what perverse act they’re asked to perform.  For instance, top dollar is paid to the “just say no” [sorry Nancy Reagan] group who are trained to appear in front of media, unblinking, unemotional and push back on the following questions:


1) Media: Why should anyone be allowed to own military

automatic or semi-automatic weapon?  They’re designed to kill as

many as possible.

GOP Whore: These are sports guns.  They give a level of 

excitement and a rush of adrenaline unlike anything except 

when I receive that NRA check in the mail.  The 2nd Amendment

does not discriminate on what kind of guns we can own and 

neither should the liberal press.  

2) Media: But masses of people are dying in seconds.  Police are

out-gunned.  Don’t you think there should be some controls?  You

just voted against restricting gun sales to the mentally ill.  Why?

Every time there is a mass shooting you claim it was done by 

someone who is deranged but you gave them the gun.  

GOP Whore: Look, we can’t check on everybody’s mental state.

You in the fake news would say we’re violating their civil rights.  

3) Media: Well, what is your plan?

GOP Whore: We will continue to pray even harder.


Congressman Statement NRA “Bribe”

Richard Burr (NC) Praying for those affected in today’s unspeakable tragedy…$6,986,620 NRA Bribe


Roy Blunt (MT) My prayers are with the victims of the heartbreaking tragedy…$4,551,146 NRA Bribe


Thom Tillis (NC) My prayers are with the First Babtist Church…$4,418,012 NRA Bribe


Cory Gardner (CO) Our hearts are with the People of Sutherland Springs, TX during this …$3,879,064 NRA Bribe


Marco Rubio (FL) We pray for the Sutherland Springs Community in this difficult time…$3,303,355 NRA Bribe


Jodi Ernst (IA) No statement. $3,124,273 NRA Bribe


Rob Portman (OH) Jane and I are devastated $3,061,941by the news out of Sutherland Springs, TX.  We send out prayers to that community…$3,061,941 NRA Bribe


Tom Cotton (AK) No statement. $1,968,714 NRA Bribe

(and many, many more)

There is less universal outrage to mass killings in a Texas church than one would expect.  The American public is so inured to these regular mass murders, week in and out, that for some the reaction is not much more than a resigned shrug of the shoulders.  Waddja gonna do?  The public’s acceptance of these heinous acts is in part due to the GOP’s refusal to discuss a cure other than praying. They claim anything more is politicizing the atrocity so close to the event as if discussing gun control is inappropriate during the grieving period!  The trouble is that these slayings come with such regularity that they are never out of grieving.  

Are their knees bleeding because of excessive praying or too much whoring?