Yoda of the Senate—McCain Rises to the Task

John “Yoda” McCain


It would be nice if their condemnation of the lunatic in the White House would unify the Senate Republicans but except for a few, most are publically moot on Trump.  Succumbing to fear and threats, these elected cowards prefer to assail Obama (habits are hard to break) than talk about the next seven years.  They’ve been insulted, humiliated and belittled by the terrible two-year old but still can only whisper their displeasure in the closets and inner sanctums of the capitol.  But for a handful, Corker, Flake, Murkowski, Collins and McCain, the remaining 47 are invertebrates.  

It’s ironic that the Senate’s de facto leader is also the most physically frail.  John McCain suffers from inoperable brain cancer, is crippled from having his arms broken during his Viet Nam captivity and he’s survived melanoma in his jaw.  Yet, he has risen above his colleagues to become the moral compass of this immoral party.  Trump’s intimidation has silenced 90% of these senators.  If they can’t stand up to this President’s acting-out, how can we rely on them to act, to be protect and defend the United States from an external foe?  

Whether because of or in spite of his grave health, he has assumed the mantle of senate sage—Yoda.  Still conservative, experienced in life and politics, he has seen a lot.  McCain combines a little cynicism with a hardened and tenacious stoicism and a new determination to speak out and make thing right in the chamber of frightened incumbents.  Just as he refused to be released without his fellow captives in Viet Nam, he has become the exemplar for his fellow Republicans (and Democrats) of how to speak to power.  Flying across the country and leaving his own tragedy behind, he rushed to cast his vote against the spiteful and cruel GOP bill that would have eviscerated Obamacare.  Only John McCain, who Trump labeled “not a hero because he was captured” could arrive from Phoenix, rising like a Phoenix to put a stick in the spokes of that disastrous legislation.   

He, like Diogenes, is seeking an honest man (or woman), to fight beside him.  It must be disappointing to see his good friend from South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham, accepting tee (as in golf) with the President Mulligan.  Kissing-ass in public, a talent heretofore done in private, is tribute the harassed are paying to their new Caesar.  Such street solicitation sullies the neighborhood.  Trump seethes as McCain adds a dash of sense, thoughtfulness and compassion thus spoiling the President’s dish.  Even if John Sidney McCain III embraces and votes for a bill that is party pleaser, we know he is no robot.