Word play and some funny political observations

Words are hard!


Truman vs. Trump

They were both Presidents and share the first letters of their last name.  Otherwise, they have nothing in common.  You may as well compare Trump to an incubus.


(1) To a cattle rancher, herding the “doggies” into their pens after taking them in from grazing on the open plains; (2) Trump’s usual mental state.


The only exercise the President’s trainer can get Trump to do.

Fact Squad

A plain-clothed force of white males, authorized by executive order, to pick up any stray truths laying about the White House or its grounds.  They are incinerated daily at dusk exactly when the flag is lowered. 


Coming from the Latin verb ludere, [to play] and the prefix col [with, together], one would think it means, to play together.  But since its introduction to the English language in the 14th century, collude or collusion has engendered dishonesty including the following: deceive, conspire, connive, scheme, plot, be in cahoots.  Now, a new meaning has been added—the act of playing with your BMF if he is a Russian oligarch or related to Putin.


Relatively small.

Great, Greatest, Best

(1) Ordinary (at best); (2) promises made but unlikely to materialize; (3) fantasies of a deluded individual (see “de-ranged” above).

Size Queen

(1) A monarch (like Victoria or Elizabeth–not the butterfly); (2) An unusual craving for something large, over-sized or gargantuan; (3) Donald Trump.


The press seems to hang onto every one of the President’s words while the President seems to hang himself with every word.