Who Me?


Donald’s Explanation


I did not collude.

I’m in a blood feud.

They will soon conclude.

I need a Quaalude.


I did not conspire.

It is a quagmire.

I am a satire.

I’ll call a cease-fire.


Deutsche Bank who?

Deutsche Bank knew.

Deutsche Bank how?

Deutsche Bank ciao.


I did not launder.

You’re rude to infer.

I am a genius,

With a yuuuge penius.


You’d be prophetic,

To say I’m pathetic.

Some people are awed,

That I am a fraud.


I’m a craven dope,

Who enjoys a grope.

I am your leader,

A bottom feeder.


To Russia…nyet.

I have so much debt.

I did break a sweat…

The Mexican threat.


I am a success,

Says Fox—not fake press.

I’m a pretender,

A sex offender.




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