Where’s Waldo? Russian’s In The Oval Office!

Russians in the Oval Office


Yesterday the Oval Office became a scene from the theater of the absurd.  Whoever said that the President is a Neanderthal when it comes to embracing the arts simply doesn’t know him.  Impresario Trump pulled together the best of the Commedia dell’arte in his surreal production of Rossii Upravlyayet Tri [Russian Manage a Trois].  Photos released by the official Russian news agency Tass showed three male whale-like figures hugging.  Knowledgeable politicos identified the two Russian Sergeys–Ambassador Kislyak and Foreign Minister Lavrov along with the beaming host, President Trump.  This was international homoeroticism at it very best.  Just from the photos, one could see that unmistakable excitement and passion in the usually scowling Presidential face.  Who said you couldn’t get a little privacy in Washington?   

But where was the Presidential chaperone?  A State Department official?  A security detail perhaps to prevent Russian agents planting a bug in the “O” office?  Anyone from the US press corps?  US photographers or cameramen?  Nyet!  This was a Russian-only event. 

What a scene!  Too bad FBI Director James Comey wasn’t on hand to meet and greet these perps whose pictures he knew so well from their weighty files back at the Bureau.   But, he had been fired just the day before for pursuing the Russian caper with too much zeal.   Drops of borscht were leading to Trump’s bedroom—a really restricted area!  So, the Pulitzer-wannabee wrote a bizarre letter firing Comey in absentia (he was in California doing FBI business).   The reality TV star who so easily pulled the plug on hundreds of competitors over the years, blamed this decision on the Attorney General and his Deputy’s recommendation.  He took the cowardly approach by distancing himself, and using this duo as insulation.  In the second paragraph, Trump thanks Director Comey for assuring him “on three separate occasions, that [he] is not under investigation.”  In Trump’s world, if he merely says (or writes) something, it makes it true.  Voila!  Donald’s own letter became his new hard evidence of innocence.  Isn’t this the same genie-in-the-bottle that Dick Nixon rubbed?

Thor suggests that Donny starts writing his own Presidential pardon.  Time is ticking.




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