we laughed until we cried!

Not since Martin and Lewis have we had a comedy duo like T & P. We can’t stop laughing, our sides are hurting from the hilarious routines they come up with. Trump plays the moron and Pence the lackey, bobble-head sidekick. It’s like watching the 3 stooges minus one. Yesterday was their best stunt yet. T sent P to a professional football game with orders to make an idiotic spectacle when all the players did not stand during the national anthem. Well, P was ready with his tweets and the cameras were rolling, he pretended to be outraged and saluted the flag so much his arm hurt. When we stopped laughing, we started crying because this stunt cost the taxpayers almost a half a million dollars. Imagine how many school lunches that would buy for hungry children. Instead we had to witness a half assed stunt by dumb and dumber to keep a controversy alive so no one notices they are idiots..

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on “we laughed until we cried!
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