I want my country back

My country tis not me,
Mine stood for liberty.
but now it stings.
Land of the people’s will.
Now is a corporate shill.
And every penthouse hill
Now owns everything.


 My native country thee,
 Once stood for being free.
 Thy name was dear.
 I loved the rocks and rills
 Where now stand fracking drills
 And National Parks are filled
 With logging gear.


  Let music swell the breeze
  That comes from burning trees
  Glaciers give way.
  Land richest on the earth
  Obsessed with women’s birth
  And pro insurance dearth
  Vote them all away!


  My country tis not me.
  Mine stood for liberty
  To Thee I sing.
  I want my country back.
  Get rid of every PAC.
  Don’t let our lives be hacked.

  Or make Trump King.


Guest Contributor:

Jane Talcott


on “I want my country back
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  1. I would like to thank Thor for his sane comments on our current status in the world order (or, more aptly, disorder). There is no antidote to the environment our leaders have created – until the next elections or imp………

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