Unsafe at Any Price… The Emperor’s New Clothes.

The truth about Trump’s new clothes is leaking out everywhere.


Trump as Emperor

The storm clouds are churning around Washington.  With Senator Bob Corker’s outspoken interviews and tweeting duels with President Trump, the worst kept secret has become common knowledge.  The President is unfit to serve even canapés, never mind as leader of the free world. 

Who could have predicted this calamity of a president would plague the republic?  The answer is Hans Christian Anderson, the Danish author of child fairytales.  Exactly 180 years ago he published The Emperor’s New Clothes.  In the story, two weavers promise a gullible narcissistic Emperor a new set of clothes that will be invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent.  The self-absorbed, self-impressed ruler dons his new outfit and parades in from of the public–naked.  His court and citizenry, so intimidated and scared, will not comment for fear of being labeled dim-witted.  The truth finally comes from an innocent child who observes, “The Emperor isn’t wearing anything at all!”  

On the heels of the “moron” reference to Trump attributed to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Senator Corker’s accusation of the President starting WW III with his saber-rattling, or tweeting the “White House had become an adult day care center with someone obviously missing their shift this morning,” the truth is emerging.  Corker even accused Trump of lying about the Senator’s role in the Iran agreement and that he begged the President for his help in getting Corker reelected.   The word is sneaking out.  Republican Senators and Representatives had quietly whispered to colleagues their shared concerns and fears that this President is an unfit lunatic.  Now they might be closer to coming out of the closet with their thoughts.  They have kept their feelings bottled up, afraid of Trump’s backlash and punishment should he find the outspoken culprit.  

These are the same public servants who swore to protect the United States from adversity but who, out of fear of the President’s reprisals, being publicly humiliated by him and having their careers derailed, have remained publically silent.  Maybe with Senator Corker’s brave and patriotic candid warnings, others will come forward to tell the world that this Emperor has no clothes.