On Trust… Trump never experienced it but has stolen it from America.

Trump is a badly broken human being!


Trust is truth evolved.  It grows over time and is tested constantly.  One blatant lie derails years of building.  It vaporizes it leaving empty in its place.

A serial adulterer, a pathological liar will never experience it.  A narcissist can barely trust himself and doesn’t care about others.  Combine the two and the result is a cold, unreliable heap—a dead dysfunctional machine. 

Bring in the other players.  The wives, children, colleagues, support staff, elected officials, diplomats and world leaders.  Your sullied and tattered reputation precedes you but your self-interest prevents objectivity.  You think others adore you just as much as you adore you.  You are deluded.  Others see it too.  

You are President but no leader.  Sadly, it is no secret.  FDR couldn’t walk because polio robbed him but few knew of his affliction.  You wear yours on you sleeve, and broadcast it in your tweets.  You sacrifice sanity for attention.  You, with your barrage of lies have obliterated trust.  You are no builder, only a destroyer.  You reach out with your little hands and tiny brain to annihilate whatever is in your path.  It is your game.  The presidency is your Gameboy.  You are two years old and should be in childcare.  Those generals who surround you are really supervising you but cannot control you.  You cannot control yourself.  You have made America hate again.

In only 11 months you have undone America’s reputation of being a better place.  You’ve eradicated our kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness and replaced them with anger, threats, fear and violence.  Order has become chaos.  You are desperate to be the leader, to be worshipped, but you are just a peach cartoon.  The greatest loss?  Trust.

The world no longer trusts us because of you.   No one trusts you.  Not your three wives or your handpicked collection of incompetents you call a cabinet or anyone in the Congress on either side.  You may have earned money but you’ve never earned trust.

You are The Moron.    



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