Trump’s Rule


Trump counting his treasure

Experience is overrated,

And so’s its fallback, educated.

An expert might be terminated,

Unless she can be dominated.


I serve at the President’s pleasure.

While the Trumpster rakes in his treasure.

Some people gasp and have a seizure,

Stare as he caresses his leisure.


If you are what you eat, 

He’s hamburgers and fries.

He is nattily dressed,

I’m afraid it’s a guise.


Compassion is missing,

Groping’s his thing.

He’s not into kissing,

He just wants a fling.


It’s really pathetic,

He’s real but synthetic.

He has no esthetic,

He’s completely cosmetic.


He’s a tweeter,

And a cheater.

A vetter,

And a debtor.


A great manipulator,

But poor communicator.

A bad negotiator,

Great condo decorator.


He’s totally fake,

He’s less king, more snake.

Who peddles Trump steak,

He’s no give, all take.


Trumpeters out there, 

You still love his sneer?  

Four years of peach hair,

And plenty of fear.




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on “Trump’s Rule
One Comment on “Trump’s Rule
  1. Nailed it, Thor!

    Peach is a more accurate description than orange. More sensitive. Wonder which Clairol formula he uses…..


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