Trump’s Impeachment Would End One Constitutional Problem—Violation of the Emoluments Rule


There are credible reports from business and financial publications that Donald Trump’s companies are not churning out money the way they used to.  In fact, it seems that his businesses and his net worth may have taken a hit since his outrageous behavior and the sexist, racist and ethnic slurs during his campaign and as President.  So sad!  But self-inflicted is the one (or two) words that accurately places the blame on the perp himself.

One unaddressed benefit of a Trump impeachment would be to put an end to Donald’s ripping off the US government.  Since taking office, he has refused to distance himself from his businesses or putting his assets into a blind trust.  He simply refused and his GOP handmaidens in Congress, no longer are interested in ethics, will not insist.  He continues to reap the benefits of, even abusing his position when foreign (and domestic) travelers stay at any of his hotels, resorts and golf courses and especially Trump International Hotel in Washington’s old post office.   That lodge is the “go-to” place for foreign business people and dignitaries to room and entertain while in the capitol.  It is a simple, if expensive way to curry favor with this part-time head of state.  

Daily, the Title of Nobility clause (also known as the Emoluments Clause) of the US Constitution ( Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8) prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states without the consent of  Congress.  It was designed to shield the character of the United States from so-called corrupting foreign influences.  Because the President betrays this rule many times a day, he has become the greatest unethical influence within the government.  The shady example he’s set is being emulated by his cabinet members and members of Congress.  

His unorthodox and shady financial arrangement in leasing space to the Secret Service in Trump Tower, NYC, or in Washington or at his Florida compound and resort, Mar-a-Lago, forces the United States to pay the President for use of his property in order to adequately guard him.  Impeachment would put an end to these dishonest deals.  It would be easier than getting the Republicans to do anything except of course, eviscerate healthcare for tens of millions.  

While Putin is laughing, millions of Americans will be loosing their health insurance, the head of the EPA (Scott Pruitt) will be adding toxins back into the air and water, Trump is looking for more murderous dictators as he is loosing friends, he’s toying with firing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and he’s never going to show his taxes.  He denies science.  He has stripped the United States of respect and prestige.  He demands from his staff, his cabinet, his inner circle and beyond obedience, loyalty, submissiveness and praise.  The adulation and adoration he seeks is pathological narcissism.  It only reinforces that this third-world despot is simply masquerading as President.  Impeachment cannot come too soon.




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  1. Thanks for reminding of this illegal activity. I sent our Dear Frelinghuysen a note asking about the status of this. I hope our lawmakers our prosecuting criminals.

  2. The parallels between Nixon’s Watergate behavior and Trump’s Russia(gate) are too obvious to ignore. A President who thinks he is above the law was doomed during the Nixon era. Bipartisanship in Congress was astoundingly effective especially when compared with today’s extremely partisan environment. Whether both sides of the aisles will come together to reach an accord that benefits the country (as they did during Watergate), is the unanswered question. Fueled by the headiness and prestige that comes with being in the majority, it is so corrupting that it is doubtful that many would do the right thing if impeachment was solidly aligned with cause.

    One reason to be doubtful is that the disgraceful lying of this administration is frequently echoed among Congressmen and women. Presidential trash talk aimed at the FBI and CIA, then further carried by party partisans demonstrates a deep abyss in mob judgement that has opened in Congress. Can these people really put the country first? A set of newly elected officials would be the better bet.

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