Trump saves Puerto Rico with paper towels!

Donald Trump’s quick action in Puerto Rico saves the island and restores balance in the universe. 10 days after hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, Trump was fed up with the slow pace of recovery. He knew that the local population was taking too many siestas and posing for selfies with CNN…he had to take matters into his own hands. He put on his special “Presidential” windbreaker and Melania got into her special disaster spike heels and they flew to Puerto Rico. After quickly assessing the billions of dollars in damage, the loss of 36 lives and the lack of clean drinking water. the President took action.He quickly picked up a roll of paper towels and tossed them to reporters for a monumental photo-op. The entire island shook and the population cheered and sang in the streets! Trump saved the day again. He bounded into Airforce one, heading off to Las Vegas with a roll of toilet paper under his arm.