Trump—The Evangelical’s Golden Calf

The new Golden Calf


Evangelicals are merely an impeachment away from nirvana.  Imagine, a freshly scrubbed new President who not only puts Christ back into Christmas but nails an effigy of Him in every government office, nook and cranny.  Yes, Vice-President Mike Pence is in the wings, waiting for his wings.   That He would ascend to the great Oval would bring rapture to the Bible belt and beyond.  It is a dream that one of their own, once in the pilot’s seat, would force the unbelievers into “conversion tents” to achieve a homogeneous religious right.  Those not bending either knee would be bussed to Puerto Rico—as that island would be the new government storage facility for heretics.  Knowledgeable spies say this plan is in place.

To some sacred hearts that future may look rosy but it begs the question of how and why they voted for the anti-Christ.  Fanaticism, like every “ism” makes excuses when it veers off its tracks.  What the rest of us see as inconsistency and moral betrayal may only be a scenic detour to reach the same destination.  The temptation of putting a born again in the White House could make a man of God commit murder.  I’d call it sinning with purpose.  In its extremes, we’ve seen decapitations and immolations–human sacrifices, in the name of religion.  So it’s hardly farfetched to accept that lesser social infractions such as lying, promoting violence and hate, would get special dispensation by a denomination that has its eye on the prize.  Evangelicals pretend to walk on the moral high ground and be staunch and uncompromising in their beliefs until further gain is in reach by just committing a temporary transgression.  Religion, thy name is Hypocrisy.

But why pick Trump?  Why would this bleached populace of God-fearing pilgrims vote for a pussy-grabbing misogynist?  On the surface, it may seem incongruous that this President, who consistently wins the human trifecta in depravity, was the religious right’s choice.  But a closer look at their poster boy Pence unveils the truth.  Trump’s devoted handmaiden-cum-Vice-President who won’t allow himself to even sit at a dinner table with a female other than his wife, has lied extensively and spewed disdain and hate for the ten percent of the citizenry that is LGBT and transgender.  Inclusive he’s not.  Trump let’s his racism run wild.  While he openly embraces the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, KKKs while attacking minorities and immigrants, legal or not, Pence pretends to be a moral deity, but he’s really bottled up his anger and intolerance.  He’s grateful that Trump is his extroverted alter ego—good cop, bad cop but in fact, both are reprehensible frauds.  

The Evangelical movement is more a political crusade than a religious one.  Their adoration and elevation of Donald the Golden Idol has proven their moral corruption. Trump’s behavior has granted them permission to tap into their fomenting prejudice while using piety to cover their bigotry.  This is why they elected Trump.  While it may seem an unlikely fit—putting this square peg in their round hole, upon closer examination, the peg fits nicely with just a little lubrication. 



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on “Trump—The Evangelical’s Golden Calf
One Comment on “Trump—The Evangelical’s Golden Calf
  1. I agree with everything you have said in this column but what is the solution? If we impeach Trump, we get Pence. That might be worse.

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