Trump as Vader

Donny Vader


If it is possible to reincarnate one’s self while still alive, Donald Trump has succeeded.  As a private businessman he showed great potential embracing the shadier side of life, always reaching for that victory no matter how far he trespassed into the dark side.  He respects no boundaries or laws.  He is unencumbered by conscience.  He is the ultimate dirty player who pulls out all stops.  He does whatever he has to do to win and worry about damage control later–maybe.  

Excepting some of his children but not his wives, Trump’s friends and adversaries equally, eventually see the underside of the bus.  His public degradation of his handpicked Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, the first US Senator to support his candidacy, is the true Trump.  He hopes to force Sessions to resign by relentlessly criticizing, humiliating and demeaning him at every opportunity, in front of the cameras, in the presence of foreign leaders and in his meandering tweets.  If he is successful in shelving Sessions, it will save him from firing him—an action that could awaken the sleeping Republican Congress.  When the Senate finally takes their summer break, the President could then make an interim appointment to replace Sessions with someone who would fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (who is investigating Trump, his campaign and his business connections to Russia).  This would effectively pull the huge thorn from Trump’s side—looking into the Trump-Russia connection that has spilled over into Trump’s Russia-business involvement.  This White House has been very busy covering up.  Trump’s plot does not need the approval of a vacationing Senate.  That’s the idea.  Scheming in secrecy, dodging and maneuvering around laws and stream rolling public opinion—this is the win-at-all-costs President.  The concept of “fair play” is anathema to him.  It is a concept for sissies.  Donald is that take all guy whose wins are so much sweeter when he has obliterated, disgraced and dishonored his latest target.  

He wants respect and thinks he’ll garner it through threats and fear.  He himself doesn’t value a leader who is thoughtful or brilliant.  Force is the only commodity he covets.  Subtlety is a waste.  His is the sledgehammer approach to life.  Here is the destroyer in chief, leaving a wake of human detritus and a government in shambles.  He denies science, promotes chaos and lives in his own reality.  Dark forces surround him.  This branding “genius” has scourged what America symbolizes.  Courage has become fear, kindness replaced with cruelty, compassion transformed to coldness.  These are his signatures.  There is little left of our ideals, of what an aspirational America has meant to the world, now that Donald Vader is new landscaper.  

“Sad” is his favorite three-letter word.  With labored and heavy Darth-breathing, “sad” is all I can hear.