Taxing Times—The GOP grifters try to con the public

GOP Grifters


We banded together and passed a bill.

Trump will soon ink it with his trusty quill.

It’s a sham and a total disaster.

They’re dancing around while it’s still wet plaster.

What it gives and takes are two different things,

It makes the poor pay and elevates kings.

What are the motives of people so cruel?

They just treat the public like they’re a fool.

Need cancer treatment?  Here’s a handy guide!

It’s Do It Yourself–I hate to be snide.

You’ll get it quickly or die while trying,

Please get a hanky and dry that crying.

This law will cause pain. It’s really chilling.

The ultimate effect?  Simply killing.

No conscience, and not tired of lying,

The end result is more people dying.

This is no tax bill—a gift to the rich.

Most everyone else falls into a ditch.

The vote that they cast created a threat—

A huge and looming unparalleled debt.

“We won’t help you ‘cause there’s no safety net.

We finished tax cuts—you can’t feed your pet.”

They wrote it so fast and then voted blind.

They tempted with fruit and gave us dried rind.

I hope that this act will ice their career,

Their deeds uncovered beneath that veneer.



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on “Taxing Times—The GOP grifters try to con the public
One Comment on “Taxing Times—The GOP grifters try to con the public
  1. Me, too, Thor. But how many will die because of this?

    My consolation is that evil eventually pays for its crimes. It just might take time.

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