Stupidest man in congress is working hard so no one arrests Donald Trump…today!

Devin Nunes, Trump’s mini-me, has been very busy creating fake investigations so no one notices that the President is a criminal who has been laundering money for Russian gangsters. Lately, this dumb fool has been trying to discredit the Steel Dossier because he thinks it was the real reason Donald Trump was flagged for collusion with the Russians. The truth is the FBI started the investigation because a drunken George Papadopoulos (Trump aide) bragged to an Australian diplomat that he had contact with the Russians. This is just one instance of the kind of worthless help Nunes is providing the President. Remind Donald Trump that when your putting together your defensive team, see if they can count backwards from10 before they join up. Hard to believe but, Devin is making Muellers job much easier and at the same time making the Republicans look like idiots.

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