Steve Bannon loses touch with reality on 60 Minutes last night!

Last nigh on 60 Minutes Charlie Rose interviewed Steve Bannon, and insanity ensued. First, we are not sure why 60 Minutes would give an interview to a loser who couldn’t hold down a staff job for longer than an intern but, what universe is Steve Bannon living on? He thinks he is a street fighter, a tough, take no prisoner kind of guy. He thinks Trump is too! WHAT!!! These guys wouldn’t last 5 minutes in any real street. He was completely fine with the “grab em” tape and that it actually helped Trump get elected. Our guess is he will use the infamous “Pee Tape” as a campaign ad in 2020. Steve Bannon’s moral compass is so messed up he actually threw the catholic church under the bus on DACA, claiming they need immigrants to fill the pews. This interview gave america a chance to see what the Trump administration is really like behind the curtain and they are certainly not living in the same universe as the rest of us.