The Stable Genius has power we never imagined!


Excerpt from a debriefing of a Republican Congressman after meeting with the “Stable Genius.”

Were you at the meeting?



There are several reports from attendees that the President used obscene language.  Did you hear it?

What do you define as obscene?


Cursing, foul words, specifically, some reported him saying “shitholes” while speaking of immigrants and their birthplaces especially in Africa, Central America and Haiti.  Did you hear him refer to those countries or people that way?

No.  He didn’t mention any particular countries.


Yet others who were there said this happened but you deny hearing that?

I’ve already said no, it didn’t happen.  He didn’t say it.


You’re sure we’re talking about the same meeting?



Is it possible you were distracted or speaking to someone during this time?

No.  No one speaks when the President is speaking.


So you heard everything he said?

Yes.  And I told you he didn’t say anything obscene or crude.


How is it that others, immediately after the meeting, told friends and colleagues about the “shithole” comment?

I don’t know, but it didn’t happen.  Some people just don’t like him

And will say anything.


So you think this is a story concocted by the fake news?

I guess so.


Even though some from your own party who were also there disagree with you?


Do you wear hearing aids?



Perhaps you should.  Here’s the name of a good audiologist.




on “The Stable Genius has power we never imagined!
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  1. Those of us of a certain age are reminded of the Sunday listening-must radio program THE SHADOW WHO COULD CLOUD MEN’S MINDS. He’s back with store-bought blond hair and glistening pearly whites.

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