Sean Spicer—The Right Man For the Job

Sean Spicer is such a sad Easter bunny!


Topping the dysfunction in the administration is Sean Spicer, the President’s Press Secretary and former campaign communications director.  He is the President’s spokesman.  Former colleagues, looking past Spicer’s own “ishes” comment that he was somewhat respected in his former communication jobs for Representatives and others in government.  His transformation into a lying, babbling, uninformed, unenlightened, elocution-challenged, Presidential jokester demonstrates his complete surrender to the lure of power and Trump’s “Svengali effect” on his attendants.   So many in Trump’s circle have suspended their own reality to curry favor with the delusional king.  But it is Spicer’s secret recipe in which he combines artifice, smugness, a tiny pinch of facts, a bushel of bullshit and more than a little arrogance and aggressiveness that makes him so special.  

The daily White House briefing has become testy (at best) and often combative with the in-over-his-head Spicer facing a perplexed and frustrated press corps.  His latest faux pas portrayed Syria’s Assad as the worst despot in history.  He said Assad gassed his own people and Hitler did not.  After some gentle prodding from reporters, he realized that his facts were wrong.  He then, through a series of self-correcting tweets, he made his situation worse until he was forced to publically apologize with as much humility as he could muster.  Yes, Hitler did use gas. 

This fast-talker, slow-thinker is a sideshow to the main event—Trump. But they are so suited to each other; so in sync that only Dr. Ben Carson could separate them at this point.  To those forces that want Spicer to go and be replaced by competence, I say no.  I give Sean the ole Trumpian thumbs up.  He is the perfect narrator for Trump’s dystopian world. 




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