Should Sarah Sanders Get Combat Pay?


Two worlds colliding—is it a scene from a sci-fi movie?  No, you are in the White House pressroom, as Sarah Sanders doesn’t quite explain how and why President Trump pathologically lies.  It is not a congenial setting.  Reporters are asking tough questions and Sarah is playing dodge ball.  Trump claimed that the Mexican President Pena Nieto phoned him to praise his policies and compliment his handling of the US-Mexico boarder.   Mexico immediately flashed back that Enrique Pena Nieto had not spoken to President Trump in weeks.  Secretary Sanders defiantly said that they talked face-to-face weeks earlier at the G-20 meeting in Europe.  Problem solved, eh?  They say the White House is ordering White Out in gallons to cover their mistakes. 

It is traditional that the sitting President is invited to speak at the Boy Scout’s Jamboree, an event that occurs every four years.  Last week was Donald Trump’s chance to inspire these impressionable youth with an uplifting message freedom, democracy and opportunity.  Instead, he gave a highly partisan, age-inappropriate stump speech as if he was in campaign mode.  He blasted the Affordable Care Act, praised himself winning the presidency and took these teens on a blow-by-blow tour of election night.  In the following days, after receiving many complaints from scouts and their families, chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh sent out a letter apologizing for the President’s offensive political rhetoric.  This didn’t stop Trump from claiming that the head of the Scouts called him to say his “was the greatest speech that was ever made to them.”  A message from Scout leadership denied that the call was made.  Press Secretary Sanders did not counter-claim that the Scout’s executive and Trump spoke face-to-face at the G-20 meeting in Europe.   Instead, she said that multiple members of the Scout’s leadership congratulated Trump that day.

I envision Sanders, henceforth, dressing for work in body armor and helmet.