Rick Perry pimping for oil again

Standing on a dark street corner Ricky “oops” Perry was shilling for big oil. We watched him as he worked a new customer, ” Hey baby, you can’t believe what this stuff can do, only source of dependable energy,” he smoothly intoned.” Their’s nothing like raw crude, the babes can’t resist the smell and your wife will go crazy!” He twirled his giant gold chain and added, “yes it’s true…no more rape. When the lights are on nobody wants to rape you. Fossil fuels are the answer to ending sexual assault, I know because I can’t do it with the lights on.” After they exchanged a wad of cash he loaded four 100 gallon drums into the trunk of the car and banged the hood. “When that runs out, you know where to find me babbbbyyy.” Another car pulled up and Ricky started his routine again, it was going to be another busy night.