Republican…Thy Name is Shame!

Republican leader and Psychopath.


Congressional Republicans have joined President Trump in his assault on the Justice Department, the courts and the FBI.  They are assisting him in completing that end run around the Constitution that ensures autonomy of the three branches of government.  They are actively playing a part in the dismantling of this sacred document in order to serve the chicken in this despot. 

Trump is afraid that the truths will come out.  Bloodhound Mueller has locked onto the many trails, any of which may lead to impeachment but the President’s Congressional bootlickers are willing to conspire with him, compromise the Union and subvert the law.  Whether it uncovers Trump’s deep involvement in aiding Russia to corrupt our election, reveals his business dealings with money launderers, exposes the fraudulent schemes from phony universities to unethical real estate practices, this is a picture of stealth and secrecy plain and simple.  Is this the transparency Americans were promised by this ultimate dealmaker? 


Paul Ryan is the Republican Grifter.


Make no mistake, the independence of America’s institutions, especially the judiciary is at stake.  It is the first crack in the foundation that distinguishes a democracy from an autocracy–that blurs the formerly distinct lines of the branches of government.  When the President reaches beyond the Executive branch into the courts, the FBI and the justice department, when he pronounces guilty verdicts on thousands of CIA and FBI agents in his tweets, demeans federal judges clear to the Supreme Court, we are on our way to totalitarianism.  This is how it starts.  He has torn down the “Do Not Trespass”, “Authorized Personnel Only” and “Do Not Enter” signs where Presidents don’t belong.  He has a despot’s mentality.  He is a pathological liar.  He is a dangerous man who is now leader of the once-free United States.  These congressmen and women are abrogating their solemn sworn oath to the Constitution if they don’t keep him in check.  Each of them should be brought up on charges of dereliction of their duty, aiding and abetting this illegal power-grab by a would-be tyrant.  Anything less is a nod of approval and complicity in his crime. 

America’s heart is in jeopardy.  Do not let your congressman or woman aide this usurper and fraud in creating a true Constitutional crisis.  

If you value your freedom you must speak up.  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, CITIZENS, tyranny is in the wings!  


Mitch McConnell has been subverting the constitution for years.



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