Republicans just can’t stop laughing!

Congressional Republicans are having a ball. Since they passed the AHCA last week, they have not been able to stop from laughing. Paul Ryan’s sides hurt from laughing so hard and Tom Price cannot stop from breaking out in giggles at the slightest provocation. “Wow, do we feel better,” stated Ryan, “had I known that I could get away with putting together a bill even I had not read, I would have done it years ago.” This giddiness has lead to outright lying on network news shows about the supposed benefits of their new plan. “We are so relieved that the voters that elected us do not care if they live or die!” said Price, “We thought they would care, but they are so stupid they believe anything you tell them.” A little later in the day a women in a wheelchair presented Paul Ryan with a dozen roses for his efforts on the new AHCA bill. “He’s the best, I hope I am alive so I can vote for him in the next election.”