Republican’s – Integrity and Morals are for losers!

Today the Republican party has announced loud and clear that they are a morally bankrupt political party. Republicans have proclaimed their support for senate candidate Roy Moore. Even as another accuser produced evidence against Roy dating underage girls, in the form of a graduation card he sent her when she was 17 years old. How sick is it when eight women come forward to accuse a man and the Republican party throws their support to the man! This is not a he said she said situation, many people have come forward to support many women’s accusations. This is a case when one of our political parties no longer feels it necessary to hide their contempt for women, and to stand for what is morally right. Thor is disgusted with a party that will do anything to win. To read an excellent article on this subject click here. 


on “Republican’s – Integrity and Morals are for losers!
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  1. And the answer is…
    Opportunists and liars. Very soon, these Anit-Robin Hoods who are taking from the poor and giving to the rich will become the Congressional norm until the pendulum swings again.

    What make America great? Compassion, safety nets, thriving minorities who can live without fear, an overwhelming sense that that Lady in the Harbor is more than hammered copper, that she welcomes all people, that our courts are fair and untainted by its rulers, that people shouldn’t go hungry, that children will be educated, the elected officials will be good stewards of the land and that the healthy and sick will have healthcare.

    It never meant an oil drill in every back yard, trading our natural wonders and national parks to mining and paper companies for their natural resources, breathing industrial-age air, drinking “fracked” and lead-laden water. It never meant allowing a president who breaks the law, who takes money through his businesses from foreign countries, who admires and stealthy deals with dictators who murder, who willingly takes laundered money for his personal gain, who cheats and steals (as his only business model), who is a racist and bigot, who is a pathological liar, a narcissist and a mentally sick bully who lives in an alt-universe. The majority of voters, by a 3,000,000+ margin didn’t vote for him and, more than ever, don’t want him.

    When people open their underwear draw and finally realize their actual drawers are missing, they will have re-discovered what’s fake and what’s not. Trump-converts, like religious zealots will not be pried from their peach-haired idol, but the rest of us must mobilize and turn this country around on election day.

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