The Republican’s are devoid of leaders and ideas…what happens if Trump gets impeached?

They just keep coming, just like a game of What-a-mole


In the increasing likelihood that Trump is impeached or removed from office because of Russian collusion, taking emoluments, inciting war, pathological lying, extreme instability and refusing to take his meds, that would leave us with President Pence.  

But, this dynamic duo shared a single ticket and arrived on the same Russian sled.  Shouldn’t we skip over Pence and move right on to the invertebrate Paul Ryan?  That is what succession is all about. 

There is quite an impressive and deep bench of unsurpassed talent waiting.  Working down the list of impressive presidents-to-be, the coming attractions include…


Jeff Sessions – 7th  

Wilber Ross – 10th

Tom Price – 12th

Ben Carson – 13th

Betsy DeVos – 16th 


Lots to look forward to…

I predict Congress’ first act will be to name a lethal virus after The Donald so we don’t forget what he has done for the country.