Republicans circle the wagons as another Roy Moore accuser comes forward


Mary, mother of Jesus appeared in a vision to the Pope and accused Roy Moore, who is running for the empty Senate seat in Alabama, of another case of sexual harassment.

The Virgin Mary explained that she appeared to Roy Moore in an effort to convince him to be a true christian and accept blame and forgiveness for molesting an innocent girl. Instead Roy grabbed the Virgin Mary’s butt and made a lewd suggestion about her virginity.

As the news broke, Hannity, Brietbart and Republicans accused the mother of Jesus of being part of the liberal deep state and using her “religious” pulpit to drag a good man down.


Beitbart Editor Joel Pollack:

“Mary, Mother of Jesus, is of the age of consent. We shouldn’t be disturbed by Roy Moore making advances to a known Virgin. my question is: was this consensual?”


Sean Hannity:

“Let’s not rush to judgement of a good man. Should we be taking the word of a supposed vision to the Pope? This is a very shaky argument for condemning Roy.”


Paul Ryan:

“Who is this Mary person? Is she even a person? I thought she died a long time ago. I am going to need more than this to even think about condemning a good man.”


Covington County GOP Chairman William Blocker:

“Roy is being persecuted just like Jesus. How dare his mother make this accusation without proof.”


When asked to comment, Mitch McConnell shrugged his shoulders and said he had no power over Roy Moore and what could he really do. Besides, it is a senate seat and we have already proven many times, that Republicans have no souls.