Republicans’ Christmas Present to Americans–Corruption and Thievery Wrapped in a Tax Bill

Ronald Reagan’s “ghost of tax cuts past,” comes back to haunt Paul Ryan at the holidays.


A quiet revolution is brewing as tidbits and gotchas are coming to light from the Republican tax bill that was cobbled together in in the dark of the night.  Not since the Continental Congress have we seen so many candles used by our representatives.  Despite the flickering light, not a single conservative read the bill.  Though it was stealthy fashioned by one party, it is equally cruel to both.  It is not a tax bill.  It is a secret, vindictive and punishing document that does four things: 

1)  Rips away existing healthcare from 13 million men, women and children.  It will result in the death of many citizens. 

2)  Steals the economic future from the country with a strangling $1.5 trillion in new debt.   

3)  Hijacks a democratic, formerly open and transparent political process of public debate and replaces it with self-serving clandestine, closeted meetings to deceive the populace from their corrupt practices so typical of despotic regimes. 

4)  Guarantees that the economic safety nets of Medicare, Social Security and a myriad of essential social programs that include care and feeding of children will be eviscerated to justify the massive giveaways to the wealthiest top ½ of 1% of Americans and corporations.  

The GOP is counting on using mandated “fiscal parity”, taking from one to give to the other, to justify their long-planned cuts to these programs.  Even for the most jaded cynics are amazed at this heist in broad daylight.  Yes, it is a massive giveaway to billionaires but it is vengeful to those 13 million who currently have healthcare but will loose it when the dramatic premium hikes price them out of the market.  

Trump’s obsession with scrubbing away any act or law that was passed under President Obama is at the core of why the rescission of Obamacare was attached to a tax bill.  It was a matter of killing two birds….  This is the lowest of lows in legislation that directly affects Americans.  The depth of these elected officials’ malevolence and cruelty is simply unprecedented.  It is consistent with the personality of a despotic, irrational and angry dictator but it does not explain his hold over the majorities in the House and Senate.  Why would they perpetrate this act on the very people who elected them?  It is a puzzle.  But, on Election Day 2018, they will not be able to hide behind the coward-tyrant.