Republicans to Christie—Skew You!

Chris Christie received a warm welcome in Iowa


For many, perception is reality.  They transform fiction into fact.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s appearance in Iowa to test the presidential waters is a case in point.  The whispers of fellow conservatives were unusually loud and pricked the ears of the Governor’s team.  “He’s an Eastern liberal.  Do you see where he stands on abortion?  He won’t commit on immigration.”   In this crowd, Christie is in left liberal field.   You see, Republicans don’t believe in climate change or that Chris Christie is a member of their party.   His willingness to reach across the aisle makes him a pariah among his “just say no” comrades.   He stands out in other ways too.  Too boisterous, too New Jersey, unsubtle, big ego, too big.

It seems that the party that wants to be inclusive, that wants to attract outliers like African-Americans, Hispanics, Independents and women, is not open to include a moderate.   So many starlets in the Republican universe have steered their party just to the right of the Milky Way and there seems to be no room for the Bully Governor.

When the Supreme Court took the cap off election spending, the Koch (pronounced “Coke”) brothers quickly filled the vacuum and the feeding frenzy is underway.   There is an irony in watching well-healed conservatives behaving like hungry, starving street waifs as the “Bros” teased them with a $900 million campaign chest.  The feeding frenzy has begun and the quiet conservative “animal” is awake.  I suspect many Republicans will have to be treated for their Koch addiction.



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on “Republicans to Christie—Skew You!
One Comment on “Republicans to Christie—Skew You!
  1. Although I despise the Koch brothers because of their money-wielding attempts to influence politics, I know nothing about them. Where and how did they accumulate billions of dollars? What is their educational background?

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