Republican’s agree grandma has to go

Paul Ryan emerged from his closed door meeting with President Trump and announced “it’s a difficult decision but the only way to expand the military budget and keep america safe is getting rid of grandma Betty.” A tear came to his eye as he made this difficult statement. We will start by cutting off her meals-on-wheels, “that should do the job” as he wiped away his tears. “If she continues to survive by eating out of garbage cans, we will institute plan B, and take away her heating subsidy.” Paul stated with a trembling lip, “That’s a one two punch few elderly could survive,”  Finally, “If by some miracle she continues to breathe we will increase the price of her heart meds through my new health care plan until she cannot afford them, and her heart explodes.” At that point all the Republicans stood up behind Ryan and he sobbed “We will miss all the grandma Betty’s but God wants us to have the biggest military ever assembled, and what is more important…tanks or grandmas?”