Republican Ponzi Scheme—Healthcare de Minimus

Paul Ryan’s new plan is based on faith healing if you get sick.


Leave it to the Republicans to attack Obamacare with a religious zeal usually found in faith-healing tents.  At first, their mantra was simply “repeal”.  Only later, the clueless citizenry realized that it’s they who have everything to loose!

Like a pair of icebreakers at full throttle, the Ryan-Trump Express, if it is the last thing they do, will scrub away every trace of President Obama’s legacy—even if it kills.  Based on testimonials, it will.  Counting on a lethargic and ill-informed populace, they were ready to substitute a placebo for real healthcare.  But in every nook and cranny, in every town and hamlet and in big cities, the word got out that there are burglars in the House who plan to steal the people’s peace of mind and their future.  The complacent suddenly realized that after 7 years of threats, well-heeled Republicans, with the chiding of the bully President, were really going to pull their hospital bed out from under them.

A spontaneous, grass-roots movement of the poor and middle class, of farmers, miners, factory workers, small business owners, homemakers, teachers, day-workers and the 20 million+ Americans who were using Obamacare, simply became enraged and demanded town meetings with their Senators and Representatives.  For the first time, these callous public servants were being held accountable and seemed to be in need of first aid.  They also (finally) realized that they needed a replacement plan stat and cobbled together an anemic substitute.

Bludgeoned and beaten, many canceled their public forums, cut off their phones and went into hiding.  The voters that giveth them their jobs were about to taketh them away.  The elected ones were about to reap the rewards of being caught in one of the worst Ponzi schemes since Bernie Madoff.  These con artists were appearing before TV cameras and explaining how the populace will benefit from the new and improved plan while the Congressional Budget Office predicted that 24 million would loose their health care completely and many would die. 

Still undeterred from his Obama demolition and fueled by his ego, Trump pressured Speaker Ryan to squeeze the votes from his flock.  Using every tactic including threats from the peach-haired paper President, and despite that his approval rating was down to 37%, he still thought his credibility was at risk.  The irony of a leader who is intent on cutting taxes for the ultra rich, ready to increase military spending and stand behind a replacement healthcare bill that is so inferior to what exists, speaks of desperation and tells it all—so sad.  

The Congressmen and women who hitched their trailers to Donald’s engine are in trouble.  They cannot have it both ways.  Trump’s lies have become their lies.  They put their careers and party before their sworn duty.  They have all become little Trumps—selfish and dishonest.  They must beware that they have awakened a sleeping giant as they tried prying away its healthcare.  Perhaps they should reconnect their phones and immediately call a headhunter.



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