The Real Scoops—Reeling in a Presidential Whopper

Newest Idiot’s Guide


Less of a scolding, this is more of a plea for sympathy for a man whose outward actions indicate inward turmoil.  After our initial _____________

(pick as many as apply)

[   ] shock

[   ] concern

[   ] disbelief

[   ] fright

[   ] alarm

[   ] outrage

[   ] astonishment

upon hearing that President Trump played “I’ve-Got-a-Secret” in the Oval Office with the Russian Ambassador and the Foreign Minister, the White House is scrambling for a unified response.  Their bifurcated allegiances forced the closest defenders into denial (again) and sent others to the pay phone to alert the NSA and CIA of this internal security breach.  Regardless, this White House has decided to down-play Trump’s top secret reveal as just another of this President’s idiosyncrasies like preferring two scoops of ice cream to everyone else’s one. 

The public is being asked to accept as harmless Trump’s street confetti that only yesterday arrived in a sealed envelope, marked “Your-Eyes-only, CONFIDENTIAL” from our allies.  In Trump’s acolytes reach for normalcy, they advise Americans to “Look the other way.  Why should it bother you?  What’s the problem?”  It is pretending that there isn’t a big festering zit on the tip of his nose.  It hard to pretend that there isn’t a peach-haired gorilla in the room and that he hasn’t broken a Ming vase. 

This President’s show-and-tell with virtually anyone who walks into his office jeopardizes our security.  His bottomless ignorance of things deemed “secret” is precisely why he didn’t understand the risk posed by General Flynn and why it took 18 days to dump him.  Donny’s need to be the biggest, have the newest, share the latest secrets, always be the winner has only made him, and all Americans, the biggest losers.




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  1. You are correct in assuming that the Presidential succession is so dismal that it might stop any impeachment(s) but once these legal procedures get started, they take on a life of their own.

    President Trump
    V-P Pence
    Speaker Paul Ryan
    President Pro Tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch
    Sec. of State Rex Tillerson

    Jeff Sessions would be 7th in line and Betsy DeVos comes in at 15!
    Frankly, it is unthinkable–worse than any horror movie I can imagine.


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