Putin and Trump tie the knot after G-20

Everyone thought that the secret meetings between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit was about world domination, collusion or worse. It turns out it was just love! These love birds were just trying to spend quality time together away from the prying eyes or the press. Many have suspected that their was a special bond between these two leaders but few suspected it was a matter of the heart. The leaders of the two most powerful countries were married in romantic Nantucket and will honeymoon at Richard Branson’s Necker island in the British Virgin Islands. Many wondered what happened to Melania, Trump’s current wife? It turns out she was just a robot   created and planted by the Saudis to spy on Trump. They just powered her down. Our best wished to the happy couple.


on “Putin and Trump tie the knot after G-20
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    • The honeymoon is over. Trump is in deep trouble and keeps lashing out. If he had nothing to hide he would come clean. He is as guilty as sin. time will bear us out. It will be a happy moment when he is led away in handcuffs.

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