Pure evil wins again

Once again, evil and greed win. This is not about second amendment rights or an americans right to own a gun…it is pure evil. Innocent people were murdered with an automatic weapon because the Republicans will not consider passing sensible and needed gun control laws. Republicans, the NRA and Wayne Lapierre have blood all over their hands. This is about making a buck by selling military grade weapons that can kill quickly and efficiently. This is about using a diversionary argument, second amendment rights to sell guns, regardless of who gets hurt. This is madness, most second graders would see through this ruse. The Republicans just want the NRA’s political donations. This money is covered in innocent blood and pollutes our political system. Please stand up and fight for what is right, we must stop this madness and pure evil.

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on “Pure evil wins again
One Comment on “Pure evil wins again
  1. So true and so sad.
    Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Orlando, now Las Vegas. When will this end?
    When will Americans force our elected officials to do what is right as opposed to what will get them additional contributions from the NRA?

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