The President pardons another turkey after thanksgiving

The biggest turkey of all is pardoned…Roy Moore!


Thanksgiving comes once a year and with it, a Presidential pardon.  It was first exercised by Abraham Lincoln who jokingly, used his influence by sparing his son Tad’s pet turkey.  The two were passing voting booths and Abe asked his son if the strolling turkey would be voting.  “No,” replied Tad, “he’s too young.”  “In that case,” replied the President, “I will forgive him and spare him a visit to the dining table.”  Ever since, this act of compassion has been reenacted yearly, regardless of party affiliation.

But a new Presidential ritual has just come to light albeit behind closed doors.  President Trump, fresh from throwing his first pardon to a bigot who also happed to be an Arizona sheriff indicted for abusing the power of his office for decades, Joe Arpaio caused untold suffering for Latinos, legal or not, and was facing serious Federal charges.  In an act that surprisingly sent satisfying chills down his orange spine, Trump tossed his first pardon to the racist sheriff.  

Perhaps in an effort to recreate that thrilling bad-boy feeling, the creature he pardoned this year was yet another civil servant who deeply needs help.  A former chief judge from Alabama, twice thrown off his bench for not complying with federal court rulings, a zealot who consistently trumps the law with religion, an accused pedophile who, as a 32-yr old assistant district attorney sexually molested a 14-year old several times and has been accused by 5 other women aged 16-18 of aggressive, unwanted sexual behavior, is the winner of the Presidential Thanksgiving pardon 2017.  This year’s pardon came in the form of a tacit endorsement of Roy Moore’s senate run.  Apparently, the President would rather have a pedophile, a disgraced former judge who has no respect for laws, a pathological liar (sound familiar?), a virulent bigot and a right-wing extremist as Senator Roy Moore instead of a very moderate, thoughtful challenger Democrat who is all virtue and no vice. 

This is the turkey that was spared this year.