Paul Manafort not sure what all the fuss is about

After being arraigned on all 12 charges this morning, including conspiracy against the US Government, Manafort clicked his heels together, took off his Russian uniform and got fingerprinted. His lawyers do not understand what all the  hoopla is about. “A little money laundering, playing a role in an attempted government over throw, filing false tax returns and taking payments from a foreign government is just normal day in the Trump government”. “Besides it’s all fake news, this isn’t real, especially the handcuffs.” His lawyer added,” We have been saying for over a year that Hillary is the real guilty party, Benghazi, emails, pizza gate, she should be in hand cuffs, not my client.” Just then, as the words Benghazi were uttered, Trey Goudy appeared in a cloud of smoke demanding that we lock up Hillary, once and for all…Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!