Religious Right waves all commandments for Donald Trump

Evangelicals and Religious Right leaders have decreed that the 10 commandments do not apply to President Trump. They have decided after much prayer that the Commandments only inhibit the Presidents ability to make sound decisions for the American people. They feel he should be able to smite his enemies (like abortion rights activists)  when they disagree with his sound logic. Evangelical, Pat Robertson further explained, “If the president accidentally tortures and kills a prostitute he should not be held accountable like a normal person.” Also, should he nuke a country like North Korea and kill millions of people, he is only doing God’s work…they are heathens and deserve what they get.” Tony Perkins added, “Please send your generous donations. We are going to build the biggest golden statue ever seen to honor our beloved president.”

Republican’s plan to blame Betty Sloan for government shutdown

Republican’s have been scrambling to get enough votes to keep the government open past Friday. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were planning on blaming the Democrats for the pending shutdown but voters were not buying their logic since Republicans control every branch of the government. Mitch McConnell in a moment of brilliance decided to blame Betty Sloan of Detroit Michigan for failing to pass a budget that Donald Trump would sign. Betty, a former office manager for a small plumbing contractor found out the bad news late this afternoon. She was devastated and said,” I feel terrible, my husband just passed away and how will I explain to my grandchildren that I couldn’t pass a short term spending bill.” Mitch and Paul shook their heads and indicated Betty will have to deal with voters rage if the government shuts down.

Chris Christie moves onto next phase of his career

As newly elected Governor Phil Murphy was being sworn in, Chris Christie announced his next career move.  He is taking over the assistant manager position at McDonald’s on route 46 in Pine Brook. He is very excited about this new position and is looking forward to not telling customers to shut up! “This is a new me, he announced, I am going to get along with the staff and learn to not yell at people.” His new boss Kushwanti Singhnobi has much praise for his new assistant manager. “He is a very hard worker and smiles all the time. The hardest part for him is not tasting all the french fries before bagging the food… but he is learning.” Chris is looking forward to serving President Trump if he ever comes into his establishment. “I have a bottle of special sauce that I am saving for the President, Christie said, I mixed it myself, sort of a way to say THANK YOU, Mr. President.


4th grader now in charge of America

Our president, a self professed “genius” was scored by The Flesch-Kincaid scale as communicating at a 4th grade level. He communicates at the lowest grade level of the last 15 presidents. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has lived in America over the last year. In fact, most of us feel he has the intellect and emotional intelligence of a 4th grader, specifically one who is struggling. “By every metric and methodology tested, Donald Trump’s vocabulary and grammatical structure is significantly more simple, and less diverse, than any President since Herbert Hoover. We fully expect to receive a teachers note asking for a parent teacher conference to discuss little Donny and his issues. 

Stupidest man in congress is working hard so no one arrests Donald Trump…today!

Devin Nunes, Trump’s mini-me, has been very busy creating fake investigations so no one notices that the President is a criminal who has been laundering money for Russian gangsters. Lately, this dumb fool has been trying to discredit the Steel Dossier because he thinks it was the real reason Donald Trump was flagged for collusion with the Russians. The truth is the FBI started the investigation because a drunken George Papadopoulos (Trump aide) bragged to an Australian diplomat that he had contact with the Russians. This is just one instance of the kind of worthless help Nunes is providing the President. Remind Donald Trump that when your putting together your defensive team, see if they can count backwards from10 before they join up. Hard to believe but, Devin is making Muellers job much easier and at the same time making the Republicans look like idiots.

Happy New Year From Thor!

We want to thank all our readers and subscribers who helped us to get through an insane 2017. Our wildest dreams (nightmares) could not have anticipated the craziness that emanated from Washington DC and the Republican party. But thanks to all of you who cheered us on we got thru it together. In 2017 we added 1625 new subscribers to our small website, bringing the total number to 7,112. Our goal is to hit 10,000 in 2018, so please tell your friends and neighbors about us and help us to grow. We raise our champagne glasses to you and salute your support, insightful comments and loyalty. We are looking forward to 2018 and the possibility that it brings. Happy New Year and keep laughing!

This festering symbol of the GOP refuses to give up!

It is over two weeks since Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones, and he still refuses to concede his election defeat. What better symbol of the current corrupt GOP can you have, then this pedophile scab of a man, who just will not go away.  He is a nightmare that the American people cannot seem to wake up from, even after a stake was driven through his black heart. We fear that this is a sign of things to come. As the Republican party loses power, as polling suggests a blue wave in 2018, will the Republicans honor the constitution, or will they act like Roy Moore and try to hang on to power? 

our beloved leader needs your adoration .

There are times you just cannot believe that we live in America. This morning a poorly done propaganda video was released that could have originated in North Korea. It depicts core Trump supporters thanking the President for letting us say…”Merry Christmas.” The stomach churning part is the…Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. President for saving us from nasty liberals attacking christianity and especially Christmas. The really sick part of this video is the use of a small child (who doesn’t know better) to thank Donald for all he has done to save us from being forced to say,”Happy Holidays.” If you need a laugh here is the link to this piece of propaganda. We are sure Donald is watching it over and over and over while eating his Big Mac.

The bright side of the GOP tax debacle.

The media has been so caught up in describing the carnage of the new GOP tax bill that they have overlooked some of the positive benefits that this bill could actually produce. The most positive development is the demise of the Republican party and Donald Trump. If we all get off the couch and become involved in the election cycle in 2018, organizing, donating and giving up our time, we have a chance to save our Democracy and show the Republicans the door. Please take the time to read this very good article by Eric Levitz in New York Magazine laying out a blueprint for moving this country forward in 2018. Read Article:

Senator Corker not sure why everyone is upset?

Senator Bob Corker doesn’t want anyone jumping to any conclusions about why he did an about face and decided to vote yes on the new tax bill. He never even knew about the newest provision packed into the bill at the last minute that would make him millions of dollars. Corker exclaimed:” I would never sell my soul for a few million dollars, just when I’m leaving politics.” “I just think this is a damm fine bill and I changed my mind because I can!” He Continued: “This isn’t about buying my vote, I’m a politician and we always support out constituents and do what is best for them.” At this point he couldn’t hold back the laughter and left the stage and climbed into his Rolls Royce.

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