New Jersey Senator Doherty very sorry he is a white man

Trump cheerleader and bigot Mike Doherty, is fed up with this whole gender pay equality thing. Talking with fellow NJ colleagues he said “Just because I’m a member of a certain group doesn’t mean that I can be denigrated over and over again,” Doherty said. “It’s got to stop at some point.” He is sick of being a victim and why should women get the same rights that he does as a man? He is also a bigot in support of Trumps immigration policy that would end immigration from certain countries.  Doherty said; ‘The US should not take more immigrants form non-European’ nations that are not part of a ‘Judeo-Christian culture,’” Wow, a bigot and a racist! New Jersey needs to take special note of this terrible person and make sure he doesn’t survive his next election.

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