Today, you might see a few of me scattered on a dinner plate as the chef takes advantage of my edibility.  It is  hard to insult me if you ingest me!

I’m old at this and I’ve been around.  I’m experienced–I’m  no wallflower.  You’ll see my ancestors’ likenesses in old botanical paintings amid the craquelure.  Frankly, my family  is famous for our beauties.

We traveled from our home in South America to Spain in 1569—Latino immigrants if you please!  We had already learned Spanish from the conquistadors allowing us  to assimilate quickly.  When you’re as attractive as we, life is blooming fun. 

I can’t remember when we entered North America but we would never be allowed in today.  No visas, ethnically different, illegals from Central and South America, no relatives to vouch for us and besides, we’re bisexual.  We’d have to be secreted in someone’s pocket since we’re too small and weak to climb over that wall.  

You’ll see our depictions in elegant Japanese woodblocks of past centuries—our appeal is universal.  Yes, we’re proud to be nasturtiums.




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