The Marquis de Sad (Donald Trump) cannot stop tweeting

Donald Trump is the Marquis de Sad.


Donald Trump is a repulsive phenomenon.  There is nothing too low for him to reach nor vile for him to tweet.  That little hand-held instrument of destruction, directly wired to his trigger points and bad judgment, keeps him safely away from face-to-face confrontations.  But he doesn’t shy away from explosive, uncontained and uncontrolled fits of bullying and humiliation in one-on-one encounters as Generals Jeff Sessions, McMaster, Mattis and a myriad of non-military administration players can attest.  His life mantra is: Everyone is beneath me.  The Marquis de Sade had nothing on Donald’s fetish to abuse. 

Tweeting places a safe distance between this serial harasser and his targets.  Locked behind closed doors, perhaps from his bathroom, guards stationed just outside, he is in a protected cocoon.  He is physically untouchable which has allowed him to pull out all the stops.  At best he is volatile and reactive, never giving a thought to the outcome of his actions.  Now as President, he is a time bomb (with a very short fuse) who savors this new power.  He terrorizes his staff and any other victim from Gold Star parents to heads of state.  Tweeting gives him a far reach.  His “employees” know that their tiniest utterance will end their career.  It simply delights him to cause havoc, live in chaos and inflict pain.  He loves being feared and is completely arbitrary and unpredictable in how he wields power.  Fear is respect to him. 

Since he recently referred to the White House as “a dump”, he should relocate.  There are a host of mental institutions with vacancies.  Surely he qualifies and would pass their entry exam easily.  Let’s call him an Uber.