The lord and scott pruitt are saving us from science

We were really worried that all that science stuff about CO2 and carbon footprints was going to confuse the EPA. Well, Scott Pruitt talked to his buddies at the oil and coal companies and they suggested that EPA scientists should not have a say at the EPA. They told him that it is a conflict of interest to have a scientist that works for the EPA to actually make recommendations about science and our environment. Whew!!! that was close! We almost had a thoughtful scientific approach to how the EPA monitors and regulates the energy companies. Instead Scott is reaching out to the lord, who has been advising him about the best way for the energy companies to make tons of money. Now we know that the energy companies have always had our best interests at heart, and will really take care of our environment.Thank the lord and Scott Pruitt, who needs science!


on “The lord and scott pruitt are saving us from science
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  1. Perhaps more praying and less real medical treatment would be good for members of Congress. After all, medicine is science and if you don’t believe in science you’ll have to wait for God to make his rounds. Instead of a licensed physician, let’s bring in spiritual healers to pray away diabetes, infections, burst appendices, short-sightedness, cerebral hemorrhage–hold the vaccines for children–God will protect them except when they just die.

    On the environment…
    Pruitt’s oil and gas buddies use chemicals. They frack and have caused thousands of earthquakes in Oklahoma, a place where a quake was a rarity before fracking. Pumping chemicals deep into the ground has polluted ground water. Farmers and cattle ranchers are onto that now. Let’s see, chemical problem? Call a chemist or scientist (at the EPA) to fix it. Faith problem? Perhaps a guilty conscience? Pray. Pretty simple. A specialist for everything, you just have to know who to call.


  2. Maybe the farmers and cattle ranchers will start praying, since “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

    They use ground water to “water” their crops and animals. Who needs scientific intervention as their crops are poisoned and their animals die or start glowing in the dark? God will no doubt be there because “God is on their side.”

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