Inside Donald Trump—He is hollow and devoid of character or empathy.


It is strange that a man who is suspicious of, in denial of and combative about science is so intent to have his doctor publically share the results of his medical physical, in detail.  It raises the question, can one compartmentalize so thoroughly as to rely on rational thought and logic and simultaneously reject it?  

If that person is Donald Trump, the answer is yes.  Whatever his motivation, whether it is his constant need for attention or his malevolent glee in concocting chaos, he is that little boy who pulls the wings off living flies. His deficiencies include a paucity of strong inner beliefs.  Like a chameleon, he blends with his surroundings.  Put a liberal or ultra-conservative next to him and that is who he becomes.  He has no inner turmoil because he is so malleable.  And yet, push against him and his ire and dogma emerge.  For someone so barren, he must always prove that he is right.  The oxymoron, “empty vacuum” describes him perfectly.   

Becoming President has allowed his inner tyrant to flourish.  His reach for power and his demand for loyalty are driven by his natural authoritarianism.  Here is a man who has always had contempt for authority whether parental, legal or judicial.  It is because he wants to be that ultimate authority.  He is dangerous because he is unforgiving and revenge seeking.  Those who withhold their allegiance or refuse to worship him are derided, humiliated and destroyed.  Just look at the field of 15 he ran against to secure the Republican nomination.

But in the end, what does he stand for?  Other than his silly wall, which really was a lucky afterthought that helped define his simple message of exclusion, he does not have a strong ideology.  He has no moral compass.  Whatever method he can use to consolidate power and feed his narcissism is fair play.  Laws and rules are for others.

He is devoid of facts and knowledge but assumes he is an absolute monarch.  He begrudgingly grants an audience to those who might inform him but his 10-second attention span prevents him for learning.  He elevates himself so that he can look down and simply dismiss the peons in his midst.  It is sad for him but worse for the rest of us.  

Millions of US citizens in Puerto Rico are still desperate for water, food and electricity but they are not white.  He holds the lives and futures of hundreds of thousands of American children born to immigrants in his arbitrary, fickle coin-toss of a mind.  But all that will have to wait.  The real Donald is happy as long as he has two scoops of vanilla with chocolate sauce.