Hawk or Carrier Pigeon? Devin Nunes Flies Both Ways

Devin Nunes delivering another message to President Trump


The House Intelligence Committee, a place where intrigue is kept under tight wraps until their present is ready to be opened, is overflowing with conspiracy and deception.  Chairman Devin Nunes’ has, in a very short span, given us several versions of his stealthy foray to the White House.  This former member of the President-elect’s transition team said he was supplied with information from an unnamed source that got his blood boiling.  In it, he initially claimed that names of Trump players, perhaps including the President, were identified.  In subsequent comments, it was not clear what was in the report nor why he suddenly had diarrhea of the mouth and had to relieve himself in Trump’s presence.  He has neither shared the report with his committee nor explained his bizarre behavior. 

Chairman Nunes’ new title is Presidential Carrier Pigeon.  These birds are known for their extraordinary ability to home over extremely long distances.  DNA testing revealed that the Chairman and the birds share some genetic material.  This could be the reason that he’d rather nest in the Oval Office than with his colleagues back at the House.  

Republicans’ inability to see the Russian gorilla in the room is reason enough to appoint a special prosecutor/investigator into Russia’s role in this election, into their infiltration of our government and the Trump White House.  Add to that Devin Nunes’ unapologetic loyalty to the wrong team at the humiliating expense of his bipartisan Intelligence Committee, and you have more questions and no answers.  

Meanwhile, the Tweeter-in-Chief yesterday wrote, “Trump Russia story is a hoax.”  We know that Russian agents successfully manipulated the Republican party platform eliminating the condemnation of Russian aggression in the Ukraine.  We know that General Flynn, Trump’s go-to security advisor was a paid, unregistered Russian and Turkish foreign agent.  We know Trump idolizes Vladimir Putin.  We know that the Trump organization has borrowed heavily from and has had (still has?) Russian financing for their business projects.  We know that a Russian fertilizer oligarch’s jet shadowed Trump to many locations along the President-elect’s stump stops.  We know that many of Trump advisors, including the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, campaign manager Paul Manafort and others met with (or communicated with) Russians before, during and after the election.  We know that Sec. of Commerce Wilber Ross was vice-chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, a Russian big-money laundry.

We have not heard from Vice-President Mike Pence, the head of Trump’s transition team, regarding his knowledge of the Trump-Russian activity but we must assume that he knows much just from being in charge.  These people have to be deposed under oath.

Trump has a lot to hide.  Perhaps crimes have been committed.  It is plausible to assume that our Russianophile President may be hiding a quid pro quo for an unpaid IOU to Putin.  What that is—we don’t yet know.  But Trump’s current and past taxes would shed some light on the matter.  Can we really afford to live with the knowledge that a foreign government, an adversary, has a presence at the highest level in our government?  Apparently many Republicans don’t care. 




Devin Nunes, Agent 9 1/2, is anything but Smart!


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