Happy Anniversary to Me!


Toasting our readers

This month marks the 5th anniversary of whatthortoldme.com.  With the extraordinary talents and creativity of our image-maker, Wayne Charles Roth, “Thor” has become a member of over 10,000 households.  To date, we have posted 762 pieces paired with one or more created images or photographs—a significant body of work.  

In the coming months, in addition to continuing to bring you a full plate of political satire, commentary, humor, poetry and life-observations, you will see fine art and photography in our virtual gallery that will be available to the discerning buyer.  

In a world where so many forces are corrupting the truth, art and music will play an increasingly important role.  Thor hopes to elevate that conversation and deliver a superb experience.

Thank you for being a fan and, if you haven’t yet, please become a registered “member”.  Do not keep us a secret.  Tell you friends about us.  We’d love to hear from you.  

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on “Happy Anniversary to Me!
4 Comments on “Happy Anniversary to Me!
  1. Congratulations, Thor, on all your successes, and best wishes for many more to come. And please do keep them all coming! The Thor posts can be anything from a clever, bright spot or a beautiful image to a good laugh or an insightful comment, happily punctuating the day. I’ve come to rely on them for a regular fix!

  2. Congratulations on the fifth anniversary of “What Thor Told Me.” We all benefit from your insight into the constantly changing political situation and variable cast of characters. Thank you so much for your loyal dedication. We are the fortunate beneficiaries of your wit and wisdom.

  3. I vote for a National ThorRoth Recognition Day. Close the bank,post offices, medical marijuana stores and the White House. Create a new postage stamp, “Forever ThorRoth.”

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