It’s about to get crazier for the Republicans.

If you have missed it, former disgraced Judge Roy Moore is running for the senate in Alabama. He was twice disbarred from his judgeships in disgrace and is an admitted religious zealot, very anti-LBGT and a racist. He is running against Luther Strange, a more moderate Republican, backed by the RNC. At this point Luther is losing to Moore by 25 points in the polls. Just a few days ago Moore created additional turmoil in a speech by saying this about the divisions in the US. “Now we have blacks and whites fighting, REDS and YELLOWS fighting, Democrats and Republicans fighting,” Reds and yellows??? Now the Republicans don’t even think of masking their racism. It is mind boggling to think that the people of Alabama could elect a lunatic and racist to the senate. Hey Mitch…you’re in for more fun times!