Gas Bag Bill is really mad it’s our anniversary

Bill O’Reilly came out swinging at the New York Times and Thor today. He Screamed “How can you support the fake media, look at what they have done to my lovely career!” “I had it all,  I was a ratings juggernaut until The NYT’s published that article about that small mistake with 20 or so women.” Tears were running down his face, ” I was just kidding, having fun, the women loved the attention and they loved being groped…who wouldn’t?” He had spit coming out of his mouth as he yelled,”Then that little nasty blog, Thor, started doing those Gas Bag cartoons and making fun of me, who do they think they are?” “I never thought they would last this long, what is wrong with you people?”


on “Gas Bag Bill is really mad it’s our anniversary
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  1. Dear Gas Bag,

    It appears that your past has caught up to you and has become your future. I am certain that there will be a sleazy operation somewhere that will employ you. In a country that elects a Trump for President, it will guarantee you some sort of voice albeit at a 3rd-rate, truly fake news emporium.

    I imagine what probably hurts most is your increasing irrelevance. For someone who touted his opinion above all others, someone who constantly interrupted his guests and dismissed ideas he didn’t like (sound familiar?) and invented catchy phrases like, “no spin zone”, hahaha, you really stepped into it. I bet YOUR head is spinning now.

    The truth is you are an immoral media hack, impressed with yourself but singularly unimpressive! I remember when you were a minor anchor on a minor TV station. You have only deteriorated since then.


  2. Megan Kelly called the $32 million settlement paid to a victim “jaw dropping.” That’s serious trouiser-dropping money, pal.

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