Fox news totally convinced me that we should love trump!

Guy Short, an opinion writer for Fox News, just penned a new piece that shatters my concept of reality. The entire premise of his piece, written to a 4th grade level, is that we should love Trump because…THE ECONOMY!!! Don’t even think about voting for Democrats in the midterms because, it will destroy the economy that Trump has built with his tiny small hands. He solidifies his logic by stating that if democrats get elected they will impeach Trump and their goes the economy! This mind blowing opinion piece has probably swung the mid-terms already as we guess that many democratic candidates have dropped out based on his brilliant logic. The amazing thing is he was able to expand this dismal logic into 21 paragraphs of pure drivel. We are excitedly awaiting his next piece and the twisted logic that Fox News applies to everything Donald Trump.

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