Fossils Anyone? Oil, Gas, Coal and Trump—Fossils All!

The Republican Party is just a bit out of step.


He’s fat and showing his age.

And just emerged from his cave.

A fossil in the making,

Upheaval in his quaking.


His face is all a-glower,

When people say “wind power”.

Not a simmer but a boil,

Unless it’s gas, coal or oil.


He’s a pre-Cambrian fluke,

A peach-haired ossified kook.

He’s smug because he’s famous.

But just an ignoramus.


You’ll have to pull his molar

To get him to like solar.

Just a crashing asteroid

Who needs help from Sigmund Freud.


Antediluvian dope,

A human soap-on-a-rope.

The future is Donald’s past.

His primeordia is vast.


It’s true he is colossal,

The Trumpster is a fossil.




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