Eaten Alive


Perhaps I hadn’t noticed in years past,

Having seen it once, that vision would last.

These oval perforations were perfect.

And that’s coming right from a leaf addict!

It’s as if a tiny hole-punch was used.

There were none that were torn or even bruised.

Their descent had been quiet.

Not a sign of a riot.

But it still begs the question,

Is it nature’s suppression?

What caused these holes to appear?

Insect?  Abscess?  Still unclear.





(Postscript from a transcendentalist—)

Every blade in the field—Every leaf in the forest—lays down its life in its season as beautifully as it was taken up. 

–Henry David Thoreau

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on “Eaten Alive
One Comment on “Eaten Alive
  1. Wow. Now, Thor, this beautiful photo begs an inspection. I have never seen this pattern of holes before. What kind of leaf?

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