Dr. Donald’s Dysfunction

Dr. Death will not give up on taking your healthcare away.


It’s tragic when Republicans don’t care,

That healthcare users are caught in a snare.

The truth is we never should permit,

Those ideologically unfit.

With 32 million left to be screwed,

Trump shrugged his shoulders and became unglued.  

“I need a big win—the rest doesn’t matter,

Since you can’t deliver, send the next batter.

I am the President; see my great seal?

All I ask is: repeal, repeal, repeal.

I’m so frustrated, I’m ready to spit,

Dupe those millions, give a first aid kit.

Healthcare is hyped and death can’t be slowed,

Just pass this bill, this I am owed.

OK, you are right, I don’t give a damn,

I am the original flim-flam man.”