Donald’s Diary Entry—5/4/17

Little Donald writing in his diary


What I don’t know, Jared does.

I’m from Wharton but he’s from Harvard.

He can focus, I cannot.

He is interested—not me.  I’ll put him in charge of everything.  He’ll be my go-to boy.  He’s Jewish but we all have our faults.  Despite that, he’s smart and a quick-learner.  Got to keep him and Christie separated.

I cleverly, secretly re-did that f__king trust 10 weeks ago so I can still pay myself as much as I want.  Go Donald!

Everything is falling into place.  Chaos as normal.  Keep them on their toes.  Don’t let them know what I’m thinking.  That’s easy—I don’t think.

Big week. Take Healthcare away from the rubes who voted for me. Violate the constitution by allowing churches to become campaign rally stops. Set up golf date with Kim Jong-un. Make Christie mow the white house lawn and yell at the press  I think Jordan or England has a king.  I wish I could change my title to king.  “President” just doesn’t have punch.  Memo to self…propose Constitutional amendment to change title to King, Emperor, His Excellency, Imperial Majesty or something more regal.  Melania will like that.  Gee, I haven’t heard from her in ages.  I wonder how she is?



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on “Donald’s Diary Entry—5/4/17
One Comment on “Donald’s Diary Entry—5/4/17
  1. I’m hoping that Little Donald is keeping these dairy pages in a safe and secure place so that he won’t have to struggle writing his memoir that’ll be serialized in the New York Post.

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